Establishment of Techvina

Techvina was established on October 28, 2009, with the main business of purchasing and exporting Cassia Oil to China.


Buiding the first Essential Oil Factory in Lao Cai, Viet Nam.

To meet the market demand and manage the quality of exported Cassia Oil, the company built an essential oil factory with a large-scale and modern production line.


Became the official member of IFEAT

IFEAT – The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades – is a trade association founded in 1977. It represents the interests of companies involved in the production, processing, trading, and manufacturing of the many thousands of ingredients used in flavors, fragrances, and aromatherapy.


Building the first Aroma Chemical Factory in Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

Facing the drop in the price of cassia essential oil and the business depending too much on the Chinese market, we decided to change our business direction: produce natural aroma chemicals extracted from natural essential oils. This helped us to add more value to Vietnamese agricultural products and bring more quality products to the customers.


Move the Aroma Chemical Factory to Hung Yen, Viet Nam and expand the production capacity

With our efforts to research and develop new products, Techvina has gradually grown and become the largest producer and exporter of essential oils and aroma chemicals in Vietnam. In 2020, we decided to move to Hung Yen and expand the factory scale.


A new Aroma Chemicals Factory to produce the products from Pine in Bac Ninh, Vietnam

Not stopping at products from cassia oil, Techvina successfully researched more new products from turpentine oil. This is a big turning point marking the prosperous development of the company. In 2021, the company started the construction of the new factory, and we expect to go into industrial production in 2022.