Thursday, 14:50 Date 05/05/2022

According to statistical reports, the cassia growing area in Vietnam is gradually expanding by about 10% per year. Currently, in the 2022 March crop, the oil extraction rate is 0.56%, lower than the same period last year, but the Cinnamic Aldehyde content in the essential oil is higher and about 81-83%.

Cassia twig and leaf steam distillation

Normally, the March Crop accounts for about 30% of cassia oil production, and the August crop accounts for 70% of cassia oil production. The cassia oil volume is expected to be about 1300-1500 tons in 2022.

Because of the increasing market demand for cassia oil, the price of cassia oil has increased in recent years. A lot of mountainous localities also promote the expansion of cassia growing areas to develop the economy.

Vietnam Cassia oil annual capacity and price from 2017 to 2021

The current situation, from March 2022, Shanghai in China locked the economy because of the pandemic, leading to a limit on the export of cassia oil to China. The price of cassia oil fell slightly and may be continued falling until the situation stabilizes again.

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