Friday, 14:14 Date 06/05/2022

In Khoai Chau, Hung Yen, and Phu Xuyen, Hanoi, the cultivation of basil to produce basil essential oils has existed for a long time. In recent years, the price of basil essential oil has increased sharply, due to a decrease in supply, this is also an opportunity to help farmers earn nearly a billion VND per year. Techvina Joint Stock Company is the connecting unit to bring high-quality cassia essential oil from Vietnam to the world market.

According to the experience of basil growers, one pole of basil will extract about 6kg -8kg of essential oil. For the quality of essential oils to be highly effective, after extraction, it is necessary to choose the right time to harvest, that is when the basil flower reaches the maximum length, from 5-7cm, and has a deep purple color and have a fragrant aroma. Because only then, basil can give the highest amount of essential oil.

Basil seeds are sown around the 12th lunar month. After 2 months farmers brought it to the field to plant around March, after spring rain is the best it’s growing.

After about 2 months of growing, the tree was nearly 1m high and be cut branches to extract essential oils. Cut about 2/3 of the tree, and reduce the branch about 30cm from the base. The development of the basil plant depends a lot on the weather, if it is too sunny, it will die, and if it rains too much, it will lose all its leaves. Normally, the branches and leaves will be harvested on sunny days, the branches will be cut in the morning, dried to reduce water, and distilled in the afternoon. Farmers will perform manual extraction and traders will buy basil essential oil from farmers. The warehouse has a capacity of several tens of tons of basil oil.

In 2021, the basil growing area in the North of Vietnam is about 80ha, the output is about 10 tons/year. It is expected that in 2022, the basil growing area will increase due to the sudden increase in oil price in 2021 from VND 950,000 to VND 1,600,000.

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