Monday, 09:16 Date 05/09/2022

Today, people tend to change consumption from cheap, synthetic and fast products to natural origin, organic and environmentally friendly products. This trend is due to people's awareness of the negative effects of synthetic products on the health and sustainable development of nature. However, during the changing process, many questions arise: Is the product really natural? How is it made? What are its components? If natural, are there pesticide residues or harmful substances? … So who will answer these questions? As a supplier of natural products, they respond to their customers with ingredient confirmation documents, with actual production processes, with international certifications, with current assessment measuring machines and more important than ever is by HONESTY.

The typical story we tell today is about honesty in our core product – cassia essential oil.

Cassia oil is an essential oil distilled from Vietnamese Cinnamomum Cassia, this cinnamon is mainly grown in the North of Vietnam and Southern China, but with different terrain and climate, the content of substances in essential oils is variable. From 2010 onward, the entire output of cassia oil in Vietnam is purchased by Chinese traders, the output is usually small, a few dozen pounds packed in small cans 5-10-20-30l, scattered from each house and collected at wholesale markets or border gates or border and transferred to China. The quality of cassia oil is basically controlled only through physical factors such as color, odor, viscosity, dirt, turbidity or clarity. Since 2009, when Tech-Vina entered the market, the first time operated production and sales according to the old sales method. However, after 2010, realizing the problems as well as determining the direction of the business, Tech-Vina decided to change the sales method. Instead of selling cassia oil through unoffical quota, and only focusing on China market, Tech-Vina has found and expanded to more customers in other markets around the world including: the US. , Europe, India, Australia etc. Since then, Vietnamese cassia oil (Vietnamese cinnamon oil) has been officially known to the world.

In the development process of more than 13 years, by the efforts to improve the quality of products and services, Tech-Vina has achieved certain successes. The annual capacity to the market reaches over 150 tons of essential oils and aroma chemicals of all products. This requires us to link and further expand our material area. Expanding but still maintaining and ensuring product quality, Tech-Vina has built and applied a strict input quality control process.

The story will be nothing special, when a new local cassia oil distiller sends samples of their oil to Tech-Vina with the desire to cooperate. Tech-Vina's QC department did the input quality checking. At step 1, with the physical indicators of color, odor, and impurities being reached, the low percentage of water in the oil is generally not a problem. At step 2, the oil was tested through the Gas chromatography machine, the results showed that the concentration of Cinnamic Aldehyde (CNA) was over 90%. With such a high content, is this high quality cassia oil? All batches of Tech-Vina oil produced or purchased from distiller were stored COA with samples, with each time the index of the content of CNA may be different but certainly never high over 90%. Many questions arise with this sample of cassia oil. At the next step, when it was the turn of the Radiocarbon (14C) and Stable Isotope Ratio (δ13C and δD) analysis periodic inspection, this cassia oil sample was sent to test. As expected, there is a mixture of fossil fuels or synthetic products in this oil.

As soon as the sample test results were received, the sample oil and new distiller was immediately rejected, and had no opportunity to cooperate with Tech-Vina. The question is: Is there any other distiller out there that behaves like this? Surely there is not only one supplier with such fraudulent behavior. With all Tech-Vina partners, there is a cooperation contract in which the terms and conditions related to product quality are very clear. Each batch of products is storaged sample by Tech-Vina for at least 3 years so that it can be easily seek the origin and determined responsibility if there are any problems. If any batch of product has quality defects, it is ready to be returned immediately.

The selection of reputable suppliers to accompany and cooperate with Tech-Vina is extremely important, so that in the future not only Vietnamese cassia oil but alsao all other essential oils and aromachemicals can develop and mark in the wolrd.

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