Tech-Vina would like to send our greeting and deep thanks to our customers and partners for your cooperation.
Established in 2009, in its history of formation & development, Tech-Vina is proud to be the leading company in Vietnam in terms of manufacturing and exporting natural essential oils and natural aroma chemicals to the world market, especially Vietnam cassia products.
To ensure the quality of the final product to the customer, we always strictly control the process from planting, harvesting, production, and packaging. 
“Where you believe” is the operating motto, and also the way for Tech-Vina to stand firmly in the global supply chain of essential oils and aroma chemicals. During its operation, Tech-Vina has popularized and performed sustainable exploitation and environmental protection and stabilizing farmers' livelihoods.

Hoang Van Hai



01 Cassia Essential Oil Factory

02 Aroma Chemical Factories

Modern laboratory with specialized equipment and machinery system: GC, GCMS, and other quality assessment equipment.


At Tech-Vina, quality control is the most important step in the entire production process. We apply the 5-step quality control process: 
- QC of materials at supplier's production facility
- QC of input materials at Tech-Vina factories
- QC of semi-finished products during production
- QC of finished products 
- QC of products before delivered to customers.
All samples during quality control are kept for at least 2 years.



Vietnam is a biodiverse country and ranks 3rd in the world in terms of cassia products, the cassia growing area has increased over the years based on changes in scientific farming methods and protecting forests, soil, and environment.
In the supply chain of natural essential oils and aroma chemicals in Vietnam, especially cassia products, Tech-Vina is an important link between farmers, raw factories, and customers. That sustainable relationship is based on the win-win principle and is a solid foundation for Tech-Vina's strong supply capacity.


Tech-Vina understands our customers. We have a flexible payment policy for each of them. In all situations from consulting, purchasing, shipping, and after-sales, Tech-Vina always stands by customers to handle any problems and difficult situations.

24/7 customer care service via phone number +84 866 115 386


Tech-Vina has the HACCP and Kosher certifications for both its warehouse and its distillation plant, covering the design, production, packing, storing, and trading of aroma chemicals and essential oils.

Hoang Van Hai – Director of Techvina
" Our mission is to enhance the value of Viet Nam agricultural products, and export to the world market "

Nguyen Van Chuc – R&D Manager
" We know that offering current products is not enough. Every day, the R&D department is constantly researching, so that more new products can be industrially produced and supplied to the world market "


Nguyen Khac Quang- Production Mannager
" We always improve quality, operating methods and apply the most advanced machine technology to improve production capacity and product quality "